A Perfect Day for a Road Trip

Have you ever had one of those days when all your plans start to fall apart……………and you are faced with making a new plan or just throwing in the  towel………… well we didn’t throw in the towel and it turned out to be a perfect day for a road trip!!

A Perfect Day for a Road Trip – Route

I’ve been wanting to do a review of a Porsche 911, one of the most iconic sports cars of our generation. I had the opportunity to drive a 2019 911 with a manual transmission a couple of weeks back at a local dealership………… though it was just a short trip around the block………… it was just enough to get a taste and want more. We were scheduled to rent a Porsche 911 from Enterprise exotic car rental three weeks prior to our road trip. The day before they called to let me know the 911 had come back from its last rental outing damaged and was not available………..now what?

The next morning was the day of our trip. I decided to try the Turo rental app and see if there was anything exciting available…….and found a Nissan GTR (Godzilla) that was available. I’ve always wanted to drive the GTR………. so I reached out and tried to book it. The owner had 90 minutes to respond and never did…………… Hey Dude, you need to do a little better than that if you what to be successful on Turo……….

The Z06 in Georgetown

Well, we had the hotel booked and dinner reservations later that night so we decided to hit the road anyway…………. oh darn….. we had to take the Z06…………..and that’s why this was a perfect day for a road trip.

The Plan

We had planned on taking a drive up to Georgetown and then heading back to Roseville for the evening. We were so looking forward to our dinner plans that night at Ruth Chris Steak House. Our county is still shut down because of COVID and does not allow for inside dining but Roseville was in Placer County which had just recently opened back up. It was amazing how excited we were to be able to eat inside at a nice restaurant.

Hwy 88

We headed up Hwy 88 and turned off toward Ione where we would take Hwy 49 to Placerville and stop for lunch. After lunch, we would head up Hwy 193 to Georgetown. Just outside of Georgetown is Wentworth Springs Road which runs 35 miles to Ice House Road, where we would turn around and head back to Georgetown.

The weather was absolutely perfect………. between 75 and 82 degrees all day with beautiful sun filled skies. This was especially nice as we hadn’t seen the sun in a couple of weeks because of all the fires and smoke here in Northern California. This truly was a perfect day for a road trip!!

The Car

Here we are again in the Corvette Z06…………. I really do love this car!! One of the things that makes the Z06 so cool is the removable targa top (OK, Porsche has a trademark on the term Targa top…… I’ll talk more about this when I do that review on the 911). Both of the cars I was trying to rent, the 911 and GTR were both hardtop coupes……..it would have been a shame not to be able to enjoy the beautiful day by taking the top off because we where in a hardtop.

I Love this Car

The combination of power, world-class handling, removable top, room for luggage and that manual transmission were all prefect for the day. When I drive with the guys “chasing twisties” we drive hard with hard braking, big acceleration and hard turns…….not exactly smooth. With the beautiful Miss Linda by my side I try to practice being smooth……. smooth shifting, braking and smooth around those corners while still driving at an aggressive pace. The word “swoopy” kept coming to mind turn after turn. I wasn’t sure if swoopy was even a word……. so I looked it up…..the definition is “having smooth flowing curves”………perfect!!

The Road

The original plan was to pick up the 911 in Roseville and then head up to Auburn and catch Hwy 49 to Georgetown. Since we didn’t have a car to pick up, we decided to head up Hwy 88 to Ione and then to Placerville for Lunch. This drive really began after lunch on Hwy 193 from Placerville to Georgetown.

Hwy 49 to Placerville

It’s about 16 miles from Placerville to Georgetown on Hwy 193. This is a great road that was just recently repaved and is super smooth……. The road has plenty of nice tight turns and hills as we headed toward the mountains. The road, as I said, is nice and smooth, but it’s also a pretty narrow two lane. There were a couple of spots were the edge of the road comes up against you with a steep drop off down to the canyon below………. with no guardrail. These drop offs, which were on the passenger side gave Miss Linda a little anxiety at times………. another good reason to work on being swoopy!! Once we got to Georgetown, it was time to stop in at the Georgetown Hotel and Saloon for a shot before heading out Wentworth Springs Road to Ice house Road and back.

Hwy 193 to Georgetown

Wentworth Springs Road is a great two lane road that runs about 35 miles to Ice House Road. The first half of this road is really nice with forests and trees on both sides along with some little towns and residential areas. There are some camping spots along the way and some Logging going on in the forest. You can still get a bit aggressive here, though you need to be a little cautious and keep an eye out for the occasional logging truck.

About halfway down Wentworth Springs road, you pass Stumpy Meadows Reservoir. This is somewhat significant as the next 14 miles to Ice House Road are empty. No camping, no little towns, no logging, no little residential areas………. it is just barren out here and you are free to go………and because there is nothing here………. there are no cars up here either. It is a great place to be fast and swoopy at the same time. It’s not exactly pretty up here and even a bit eerie……….this area had previously been a logging area and they had some fires a couple of years ago as well…………which adds to the eerie barren feeling.

Wentworth Springs Road

Once you reach Ice House Road, we simply turn around and head back down Wentworth Springs Road back to Georgetown and another stop at the Georgetown Hotel and Saloon. I’m always amazed by the lack of traffic up here. I would expect all kinds of nice cars up here enjoying this great stretch of road………….. but no, they are never here. We do see some motorcycles but no other cars. What you see the most of up here are Jeeps on Trailers. About 8 miles down Wentworth Springs Road is the turn off to the “Rubicon Trail”, one of the most famous destinations for those who love to go 4-wheeling. Most of the Jeeps up here are not street legal and designed for the Rubicon Trail.

The Destination

We did have a place to stay the night and dinner reservations at the end of the day………….. but the road is always the destination along with the unexpected places you find along the way.

Old Town Grill

We planned on stopping in Placerville for lunch. We always enjoy finding a cool little place for a good sandwich or Burger and a beer. Placerville was pretty busy on this gorgeous sunny Friday afternoon. We did find a little hole in the wall place on the main drag called the Old Town Grill and we’re fortunate to find a place to park close by. The burgers were great, however this place did not serve alcohol, so we had to go without our beer.

After leaving Placerville we decided to stop at the Historic Georgetown Hotel and Saloon. Georgetown was considered the Hub of the great California Gold Rush. The first minors looking for gold arrived in early 1848, with the town of Georgetown being established in August 1849. The Georgetown Hotel and Saloon was established in 1856 and is still open today.

Georgetown Hotel and Saloon

The Hotel has a cool vibe as you walk through the swinging Saloon doors and walk across the old hardwood floor. Miss Linda and I shared a “shot” of tequila and headed out to Wentworth Springs Road. On the way back we stopped in again and finally had our beer.

Ruth Chris Steak House

We had dinner that night at the Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Roseville. This is a great steak house that serves USDA Prime steaks. Only 2% of all steaks are rated as USDA Prime. We brought a bottle of Justin Wine with us, it was their Isosceles Reserve, which is absolutely my favorite bottle of wine. You may remember my post on our road trip to Justin Winery. Nothing better than a nice steak dinner and a great bottle of Wine.


We had thought about canceling this trip when the 911 wasn’t available, luckily we already had a hotel booked and dinner reservation which helped motivate us to head out anyway. The car, the weather, the road and great food and drinks……. what could be better!! This was indeed a perfect day for road trip!!

Please leave comments below and enjoy the road!!


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