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Hello and welcome to my website. My goal is to have a site that car enthusiasts can go to for information on great driving roads and the great experience and destinations along the way, including travel agencies that specialize in setting up these trips and exotic car rental providing great cars to drive. We will also have content on “track days” where you can go to enjoy your exotic cars as they were intended to be used and of course lots of contents on great exotic cars to enjoy on your drive.

Why Exotic cars and Road Trips

I became extremely interested in cars when I was in the 7th grade, primarily corvettes. I told myself I would have one someday. I got my first corvette in 1993 I could not believe how lucky I was that I had achieved my dream. Though I enjoyed the car and I’ve owned a couple more over the years, it was in 2006 when I got my C6 Corvette Z06. This was the first time in my opinion that the corvette could truly compete with true exotic cars from a performance standpoint. I can accept some debate on the Z06 not being an “exotic car”. Exotic cars are typically rare, expensive and impractical while being great performance cars. The Z06 is not rare and it is not overly expensive. The Z06 can match almost any exotic car in performance and is more practical then most exotic cars. I have had the opportunity since then to drive many exotic cars from Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and even an Indy race car. It was then that I started enjoying track days and my wife Linda and I enjoy planning road trips based on the road taken rather than the destination. My wife and I have a great partnership……. I find the road and destination and then she finds the little nuggets along the way such as great places to eat (our own little diners, drive-ins and dives) and fun places to stay.

Wes and Linda
Wes and Linda


Why This Site

Though I have enjoyed many great road trips and track days, I have found it difficult at times to find good information about great road trips, track days and exotic cars in one place. There are a lot of individual sites you can go to, however there is really nothing out there that you can go to and get most of this content in one place. Most of our road trips have been pulling out an old paper map, finding what looks like a good road and heading out.


What we hope to provide

We hope to provide a place for car enthusiasts to go and find information on great road trips, cool destinations and great cars. We will also provide content on great track day locations and events. I am from Northern California and so as we get started we may have more content in California, however we will definetly expand as we continue. We also want to provide a place for others to share their adventures of great road trips, track days and cool exotic cars. Please check in often and see wants new as we are just getting started.

All the best,



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  1. Wes , I love this website!
    It’s too bad I live way out in Branson Missouri, I would like trying all these roads on my motorcycle.

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