Chasing Twisties

You know that feeling you get when that winding mountain road in front of you opens up……… no other cars are in front of you……….. You get that feeling in your gut, you turn down the radio, you press down on the left pedal to down shift, hit the throttle with right foot and pick up speed as you feel your back pressing into the seat…….. right before you hit the brakes, down shift again and hit those posted 20 mph corners doing about 50 before getting back on the throttle as you power out of the corner only to see the next corner ahead and start the process all over again………..yes, it is addictive!! Now all you want to do is chase twisties!!

Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way. First, you have to find the road. These great twisties are not always easy to find. Hopefully you can find a couple of nice roads close to home, however most of these great roads are going to take some time to research and find. You are probably going to have to do some travel to get to these roads and then…………… hope the roads are not covered in traffic. We live in Northern California with some of the best driving roads in the country………. we also have a lot of traffic. The Bay Area is close by with some great driving roads as well and even more traffic.

This category is going to be a little different from our Exotic Car Road Trips. Road Trips involve my wife, the beautiful Miss Linda. We still enjoy the twisties, just at a slightly slower pace. We take the time to enjoy the scenery and find those little dive bars and gems along the way. Of course, we have a nice destination to stay the night at the end of the day.

Chasing twisties is different. The day is focused on the road. We may have to drive a couple of hours to get to the road and then we hope and pray that we don’t find a bunch of traffic. We don’t have passengers, as that would just be wrong with the kind of driving we are planning on doing. We have our two-way radio’s to communicate about the road and traffic ahead. The road ahead is our destination and not much else matters.

There are not many things we do in life where we are 100% focused. We are all great multi taskers and we all develop stress because of it. When you are driving hard on a great winding road or on a track, you are 100% focused, you have no other thoughts going on………… you are not worried about your job, your mortgage, the kids……nothing, you are just totally focused on the road ahead. It is the most relaxing thing I ever do…………. you don’t realize it when you are driving, but when you are finished and discover how free your mind is………… it is just amazing!!

We will be hunting and searching for great roads and share our adventures here. How the road was discovered, how the plan was made and how the adventure turned out.

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